Thursday, 27 June 2019

June Student of the Month Winners

our team coaches nominated Natalie this month!

“This month, we’d like to recognize Natalie Lobdell for her consistent effort and focus in class. 파칭코 다운로드 Not only has her dancing improved greatly this year, but she is also kind and respectful to her teachers and classmates. All of her teachers have really enjoyed seeing her progress and grow over the past year!”

Recreational Dancer:

Congratulations to Erin Frailing, our Recreational Dancer of the Month. Erin is in first grade at St. Matthias where her favorite subject is reading. Erin’s favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is watermelon and strawberries and her favorite dessert is Oreo torte. This is Eriin’s third year dancing at APA where her favorite style is hip hop. Erin was nominated by her teacher Miss Nakheera because Erin hasn’t missed one day of class since the entire semester! She’s always paying attention and whenever I speak, 포유 she makes sure she’s listening. She does a great job dancing and asks the most questions like a good student should! You Go Erin!

Music Student:

Congratulations Arisbeth Teresi, our June music student of the month. Arisbeth is in 2nd grade at Forest Ridge Elementary school in Oak Creek where her favorite subject is music. When she grows up she would like to be a piano teacher! Her favorite music is anything from Disney and her favorite instrument is the piano. Arisbeth loves to eat pizza rolls and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes! Her favorite colors are purple and blue. 에비앙 Her personal hero is her Uncle because he is in the Navy. Arisbeth has been taking piano lessons for 9 months at APA.  She was nominated by her piano teacher Miss Christina. Miss Christina said “Ever since she has known Arisbeth she has always been a very diligent student. She comes to class having practiced her music and plays beautifully. On top of Arisbeth being an amazing student, she is nothing but sweet and respectful, always full of stories and smiles. I know she will go on to achieve all of her dreams. Thank you for making my first year of teaching not so scary!”